We’ve collected our best articles and essays about the links between racism, pollution, climate change and more.

Black Lives Matter

Standing Rock. Black Lives Matter. The U.S.-Mexico border wall. The oversized effect of COVID-19 on communities of color. These are some of the most visible manifestations of the way racism and environmental issues intersect — often with deadly results. Here you’ll find The Revelator’s ongoing coverage of these issues, including a mix of important journalism, expert commentary, and profiles of the leaders working for a brighter and safer future for everyone.

Black Leaders:

Dr. Robert Bullard: Lessons From 40 Years of Documenting Environmental Racism

Intelligence Thieves: How Toxic Pollutants Are Robbing Communities of Color

What Are the Biggest Challenges for Saving the Oceans?

Farming While Black: Growing Food and Community While Saving the Earth

How Colleges Can Attract More Minority Students to Environmental Studies and Careers

Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples:

The Shocking Number of Environmentalists Murdered Each Year

Ruby Mountains: A Push to Drill, a Failure to Consult Native Peoples

Can Native American Tribes Protect Their Land If They’re Not Recognized by the Federal Government?

The Koreguaje Tribe: Threatened Guardians of the Northwest Amazon

California Tribe Hopes to Conquer Climate Woes — With Fire

Forests and Biodiversity Need Indigenous Stewardship

Oak Flat: Government Complicity in Indigenous Sacred Site Desecration

Trump vs. Bears Ears: Outraged Native Groups Respond

Beyond Division: American Indians Unite to Create Bears Ears

How the World’s Oldest Wisdom Is Informing Modern Responses to Climate Change

Native Renewables: Powering Up Tribal Communities

Endangered Languages, Endangered Ecologies

Dam Lies: Despite Promises, An Indigenous Community’s Land Is Flooded

Tribal Cultures Underwater — and Falling Through Thin Ice

Environmental Justice:

Nothing to Wheeze At: Air Pollution’s Disproportionate Effect on Poor and Minority Communities

Environmental Justice Means Desegregating the Environmental Movement

Trump Administration Seeks to Muzzle Activist Shareholders

GreenLatinos: Working Locally, Connecting Nationally

Broader Discussions:

COVID-19 Reveals a Crisis of Public Spaces

‘We Know the End Is Coming’: The Plight and Rise of Climate Refugees

Fighting Water Privatization with ‘Blue Communities’

The Surprising Link Between Climate Change and Human Trafficking

Pandemic Shines a Light on Critical Water Issues — Will Congress Fund Solutions?

Should Environmentalists Embrace Universal Basic Income?

Build a Border Wall? Here’s an Idea That’s Better for Communities and the Climate


Don’t Look Away

Inhumanity at the Border — and Beyond

Additional Reading:

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