About The Revelator

The Revelator, an online news and ideas initiative of the Center for Biological Diversity, provides editorially independent reporting, analysis and stories at the intersection of politics, conservation, art, culture, endangered species, climate change, economics and the future of wild species, wild places and the planet.

Our aim is to:

  • Hold politicians and corporations accountable through incisive reporting on environmental issues;
  • Provide in-depth and on-the-ground understanding of the day’s conservation news;
  • Drive and deepen the national conversation among the public, politicians, environmental groups, scientists and academics on the important environmental issues of our age;
  • Pursue and promote transparency and citizen participation;
  • Expose wrongdoing, promote righteous efforts, illuminate dark places, stir complacent minds and hearts; and pursue the very best ideas for saving wildlife, people and the planet.

We adhere to the highest journalistic and intellectual standards and have an unapologetic love for the wild.


Editor: John R. Platt, jplatt@therevelator.org

Deputy Editor: Tara Lohan, tlohan@therevelator.org