Reprint Policy

All material written for The Revelator by the publication’s staff or by other employees of the Center for Biological Diversity may be reprinted free of charge in other publications as long as the content is not altered in any material way.

All other material on The Revelator is copyrighted by the authors or creators. Basically, if it has a copyright notice — © — at the bottom of the article, it’s not available for reprint from us. Any requests for republication must be directed to those creators directly.

This reprint policy does not include photographs or other illustrations, which may be subject to other licenses and may not be republished.

Please cite The Revelator and include a link back to the original publication. Our preferred language, ideally placed beneath the byline, reads: “This story was originally published by The Revelator.”

Reprinted materials may not be sold or otherwise syndicated or used to solicit donations of any kind. Republication does not imply an endorsement of The Revelator or the Center for Biological Diversity.

Please contact Revelator editor John R. Platt for more details or with any questions.