Articles, essays and videos discussing critical issues about zoonotic diseases — and what’s going on behind the scenes while we’re coping with this crisis.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a harsh light on critical issues related to wildlife, the environment and our human systems. Here you’ll find The Revelator’s coverage of the crisis — both about the virus itself and what’s going on behind the scenes. Plus we’ve got some tools to keep you connected to the planet during these difficult times.

Zoonotic Diseases:

Where Pandemics Come From — and How to Stop Them

Coronaviruses and the Human Meat Market

How COVID-19 Took Hold and Why We Must End the Wildlife Trade

5 Ways Environmental Damage Drives Human Diseases Like COVID-19

Pandemics Aren’t Just for People: Five Disease Threats to Wildlife

The Global Pet Trade: An Overlooked Culprit Behind Pandemics

Antibiotics: Big Ag’s Can of Worms

Politics and Society:

Spending Time in Nature During the Pandemic? You’re Not Alone — and That’s a Problem.

In This Time of Crisis, We Need to Keep Our Eyes Open

Elephant Hunts for Sale During a Pandemic

Food Waste in the Time of COVID-19: The Real Reason to Cry Over Spilt Milk

Pandemic Shines a Light on Critical Water Issues — Will Congress Fund Solutions?

No Sacrifices of the Public Interest in Times of Emergency

Bear-ly on the Radar: Indonesia’s Illegal Trade in Sun Bears Could Worsen in the Pandemic

Hunting for Game Wardens: A Shortage of Conservation Officers Threatens Wildlife. COVID-19 Could Make It Worse

Pandemic Spawns Dangerous Relaxation of Environmental Regulations

Keeping an Eye on Nature:

Now’s a Great Time to Become a Backyard Naturalist — Here’s How

Beat the COVID-19 Blues With These Wildlife and Nature Livecams

14 Inspiring New Environmental Books to Read During the Pandemic

Speak Up for Bats — Even in the Pandemic

18 New Environmental Books to Help You Through COVID-19 Isolation

Wildlife Rehabilitators Are Overwhelmed During the Pandemic. In Part, That’s a Good Thing.

Moving Forward:

A Green Renaissance: Moving the Needle for a Gentler Society

COVID-19 Reveals a Crisis of Public Spaces

Working From Home During the Pandemic Has Environmental Benefits — But We Can Do Even Better

New EU Biodiversity Strategy Can Reduce Risk of Future Pandemics — If It Fully Addresses Wildlife Trade

Should Environmentalists Embrace Universal Basic Income?

Want to Design a Livable Future? Try ‘Multisolving’

Could the COVID Crisis Provide an Opportunity for Thailand’s Captive Elephants?

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