Freelancing for The Revelator

The Revelator, the independent environmental news and ideas site published by the Center for Biological Diversity, welcomes pitches from freelance journalists. (Please note, we are currently booked for 2020 and have started looking for material to run in January 2021 or later.)

Our primary areas of focus include the extinction crisis; climate change; threats to public lands, oceans and fresh water; and environmental health and justice. Stories that combine multiple topics are particularly welcome, as are stories that explore the intersection of the environment with politics, culture, science and other aspects of society.

Our readers tend to be both educated about and involved in environmental issues, so our stories speak to that experienced, well-versed audience.

We’re particularly looking for pitches that:

  • Explore the philosophies or big questions of conservation.
  • Reveal the deeper context or history behind stories in the news (or stories that should be in the news).
  • Discuss trends (good or bad) in various environmental issues, including the political or regulatory system.
  • Use local examples to illuminate broader national or international issues.
  • Reveal unexpected and effective solutions.
  • Inspire ongoing conversation.

Here are a few things we don’t need:

  • Breaking news (we tend to contract out 4-6 weeks ahead).
  • Stories that have been heavily covered by other publications.
  • Pitches based on a press release or single science study.
  • Q&A-style interviews (we do those in-house).
  • Stories about our parent organization.

Payment starts at $300 and goes up to $600, with rates varying by complexity of the assignment. Accepted articles are published under a Creative Commons license, allowing them to be reprinted by other publications.

Possible ways to contribute:

  • Reported, on-the-ground stories with multiple sources and photographs ($600)
  • Stories with unique documents, data or analysis ($400-$500)
  • Trend and “big question” stories ($300-$400)
  • Context stories, pulling threads together from previous reporting to show the deeper meaning of something in the news ($300-$400)

Pitches may be sent to editor John Platt at Please provide a few sentences about why you think the story is important, why you think it’s a fit for The Revelator, a list of the people you wish to interview and an expectation of when you think you could complete the piece. If you haven’t written for us before, please provide links to some of your recent writing and let us know why you’re the best person to write this story.