From Bogota to Baltimore climate strikers turned out for the first of a week of events to push for action on climate change.

Kids on mom's shoulders

In August 2018 Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg stood alone outside the Swedish parliament with a sign that said “Skolstrejk för klimatet.” On Friday 4 million people across the world joined her and walked out of their schools, jobs and homes and into the streets for a global Climate Strike.

New York, which hosted Thunberg, saw an estimated 250,000 show up. “If you belong to that small group of people who feel threatened by us, we have some very bad news for you, because this is only the beginning,” Thunberg told the crowd.

Greta with sign
Greta Thunberg in front of the Swedish parliament in August 2018. (Photo by Anders Hellberg, CC BY-SA 4.0)


More than 100,000 people turned out in Melbourne in Australia’s largest climate demonstration yet. And similar numbers were reported in London and Berlin.

Actions continued around the globe. As the New York Times reported:

Banners in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, ranged from serious to humorous. One read, “Climate Emergency Now.” Another said, “This planet is getting hotter than my imaginary boyfriend.” In Mumbai, children in oversize raincoats marched in the rain. Thousands turned out in Warsaw, the capital of coal-reliant Poland.

An estimated 5,800 events took place in more than 160 countries. More are planned throughout the week.

In San Francisco thousands streamed down Market Street through the city’s shopping and financial district with signs that ranged from “Panic” to “Peaceful Rebellion.” The event was organized by young people but everyone from toddlers to grandparents showed up in support.

Here are some images from the day:

climate strike philly
On the streets of Philadelphia. (Photo by @EarthNatureNews)
Young protesters
Young protesters at San Francisco’s climate strike. (Photo by Tara Lohan)
Toddler and mom
An even younger protester joins the action. (Photo by Tara Lohan)
Grandmother contingent holds signs
Older generations lent their support. (Photo by Tara Lohan)
future is underwater sign
Teenagers shared how they felt about the future. (Photo by Tara Lohan)
Listen to the kids sign
Many showed solidarity with the youth climate movement. (Photo by Tara Lohan)

Tara Lohan

is deputy editor of The Revelator and has worked for more than a decade as a digital editor and environmental journalist focused on the intersections of energy, water and climate. Her work has been published by The Nation, American Prospect, High Country News, Grist, Pacific Standard and others. She is the editor of two books on the global water crisis.

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