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The Revelator welcomes all correspondence related to environmental issues and our publication. All comments are considered submitted for publication.

Story Tips

The Revelator is always on the lookout for news about endangered species, climate change, pollution, public lands, sustainability and population. Story ideas may be sent here.

Write for The Revelator

The Revelator welcomes pitches and ideas from outside contributors.

Journalists can find our guidelines here.

We also seek expert commentary — engaging, thought-provoking, quality essays, think pieces, op-eds and other contributions from a wide variety of people directly involved in conservation and environmental issues. We value clearly written storytelling with a strong point of view, not academic-style writing. Humor is welcome; debate is encouraged; name-calling is frowned upon; facts are required. Change is the ultimate goal.

Essay contributions don’t need to be long. We’ll publish something as short as 250 words if that allows you to say what you need to say. Our ideal lengths are between 500 and 800 words. You can go longer if you need to, but focus is the name of the game.

Generally speaking, contributions may have the following goals:

  • Adding necessary context to current news
  • Challenging the status quo with “big thoughts” about the future
  • Helping us to understand the shifting sands of regulation, culture, funding, or anything else that could have a major impact on conservation
  • Providing a roadmap or strategy for getting to where we need to be in a certain field or area
  • Giving us the details about newly published science and why it’s important—or what needs to follow
  • Telling us what works, and why—and how it can be replicated elsewhere
  • Telling us what doesn’t work , and why—and how you think it can be fixed
  • Refuting other published items (from our site or elsewhere)
  • Looking at local issues and extrapolating them to the national or international stage (or vice-versa)
  • Illuminating a broader issue through personal anecdotes
  • Examining issues that no one else is talking about

Sound good? Send us your submissions, or feel free to drop us a line first to tell us what you’d like to write and why you’re the right person to write it. Either way, you should be prepared to answer any questions we have or edits we might suggest—we want the strongest pieces possible and don’t want to leave any potential on the table.

Pitches and submissions may be sent to editor John Platt.